A great Christmas gift idea for the bodybuilder in your life

I don’t know about you guys, but there’s nothing more annoying than having to stop in the middle of sets to change the plates on my dumbbells. I hate it.

That’s why I’m putting a 200 lbs set of rubber coated hex dumbbells on my Christmas list. With those bad boys, you never worry about changing dumbbell plates again. You just get the weights you need and go. Perfect for stripping when time is of the essence.

Now whether or not I get it is another matter. Coming in at around $350,  I seriously doubt anyone loves me enough to put this under my Christmas tree. So for now this will just have to go on a long list of items, like my red corvette or a night with Salma Hayeks chest,  that I’ve longed after for so many years.

But one can dream can’t he?

If you wanna get yourself a set or you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the body builder in your life, and you can afford the 200 lbs set of rubber coated hex dumbbells, click here you lucky bastard.


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