Where to find some great tasting sources of natural protein

I’m not a huge believer in protein shakes. For one they cost too damn much and taste like shit.

But if I don’t have the time to cook and have no other option, then yeah I’ll drink the stuff but only as a last resort. Plus protein powder is lacking in so many essential vitamins and nutrients that you’re better off just sticking to real food.

Why anyone would drink protein shakes when there are so many better tasting alternatives is beyond me. I’m going to give you a quick run down of some excellent sources of non powder protein that not only tastes great but are also good for you.

Chicken – Everybody loves chicken. Nothing tastes better after a hard workout like some grilled lemon chicken with just enough spices to get your mouth watering. Mmm I can taste it as im typing this. Here’s a great recipe for some marinated grilled chicken to try out the next time you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned chicken dinner. Send me a couple of drumsticks too.

Beans – Ok, not everybody is a huge fan of beans and lets face it, they don’t have much flavor but, and it’s a huge but, they are one of the best non animal sources of protein around and when you combine them with rice, you get a complete source of nutrients to help your body recover after those long hours at the gym. If you don’t like baked beans you can always refry them. I know that sounds bad but it isn’t. Just stay clear of the lard of shortening and you’ll be fine. Add some bacon flavor and you’ll have some great tasting stuffing to put in a burrito. Whole wheat tortillas of course.

Milk – One glass of non fat milk contains 9 grams of protein. I love milk and drink it whenever possible. Im lactose intolerant so I gotta stick with the Lactaid stuff. But it tastes great and has no fat calories, which for bodybuilding purposes, is a great thing.

Nut – Don’t go over board on the nuts. Stick to a hand full a day. Nuts are loaded with fat and if you don’t watch out you’ll become a big fat walnut yourself. But they taste great and if eaten in moderation, they are an excellent source of protein.

Fish – I love salmon, trout, tuna anything with gills I eat. Fish are a great source of protein and are loaded with so much good stuff that you should always include it in at least one of your meals. And if you like to fish all the better.

Well those are some sources of protein that in my opinion taste a hell of a lot better then protein powder shakes.  If possible I try to get my protein from chicken, fish or beans at every meal. Protein powder, while convenient, lack all the nutrients of real food, so drink them in moderation and try your hand at cooking.

You body and taste buds will thank you in the end.


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