The trick to getting that V-taper

Getting that V taper is only a few pull ups away.


Nothing looks cooler then having wide flaring lats giving you that classic V shape form that all bodybuilders have. It spreads out your chest and makes your entire body look twice as big than it really is.

So you wanna know how you can get that shape that everybody in the gym wants? Ok I’ll tell you.

It’s no secret. If you wanna build wide flaring lats you gotta¬† pull ups and you gotta do them consistently. Pull ups are the single best exercise you can do to build up your back. It works the inner and outer lats like nothing else. You also get a good workout for the shoulders, the triceps, the forearms, the biceps, the traps.

Pull ups are a great all around exercise for building upper body strength but the main benefit are of course the widening of your lats giving you the V shape taper that of course we all want.

Now not everybody has access to a pull up bar. That’s ok. If you don’t, you can get one of those door jam pull up bar sets for around $20. Just stick it on the frame of any door with molding around it and your set. Those things are designed to hold a lot of weight so don’t worry about breaking it.

If that’s still not an option then you could always get one of those free standing pull up bars stands. The only problem is they cost a lot more and can take up a lot of weight.

No matter what you choose, remember, if you want that wide V shaped torso you gotta develop the lats and to do that you gotta do pull ups.

Not a bad bargain for $20

Here’s some tips for beginners.

Start out doing 3 sets with each set going to failure. If you find that you can do more than 12 easily, strap on some leg weights loading up enough weight that you can barely do 6. Do those 3 sets 3 times a week. When you can hit 12 reps comfortably, load up more weight. Or you can try alternating grips to put more emphasis on each arm.

Here’s what you do.

Start out with one palm facing you and the other facing the opposite side. This will put more weight on the arm with the palm facing you. Do a total of 6 sets alternating each arm.

Here's how to do negative reps. Start in this position using a chair to get you up there then slowly lower yourself down.

And for you super beginners that can’t even do 1 pull up don’t sweat it. You can build your strength using negative reps. Here’s how.

Start off using a chair to cheat yourself to the top of the pull up position, then slowly lower yourself down. Do 3 sets of 12 3 times a week. Before you know it you’ll be doing mad sets of pull ups.

So there you have it. Give it enough time and sooner or later you too will have some crazy ass lats  with that kick ass V shape taper. Just remember. When it comes to back and lat development, there is no better exercise then pull ups. Stick with pull ups and you can do no wrong.

Now go do some damn pull ups already.




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