Find your inspiration to get you through those lazy days

Sometimes it takes a little bit of inspiration to get off your couch and start hitting the weights. I don’t know about you but watching any 80’s Schwarzenegger movie (Conan The Barbarian being one of my personal favorites) usually does the trick for me. Notice how I made no mention of his 90’s films. Sorry Arnold.

Anyway the point of this article is not to point out my fondness of Arnold movies, it’s to remind you that sometimes sheer will power alone just isn’t enough to get you off your ass and start working out. You gotta have something else to help get you over those lazy day humps and believe me, you will have them.

I’ve had those days where I’m laying on the couch thinking, ah I’ll just skip today and hit it extra hard tomorrow. Sorry but it doesn’t work that way. To build size you gotta keep the muscle working. You gotta lift consistently.

Few movies inspire me to hit the weights as much as the original Conan The Barbarian.

Now remember, there is a difference between rest days and lazy days. Rest days are necessary for your body and muscles to recover and grow. You need rest days. Lazy days are days when you’re all rested up and just don’t feel like doing anything. Don’t confuse the two.

Lazy days = bad

Rest days = good

On those lazy days you’ll need something to kick you in the butt to get you up and accomplishing something. Bodybuilding only works if you do it consistently. You can’t hit the iron hard one week and slack off the next. You won’t accomplish anything doing that and you won’t see any muscle gains. This is a game that takes consistent dedication and commitment.

Whether you get your inspiration from movies, a work out partner, a friend, your dog, a hot chick at the gym, whatever, you need to draw from that inspiration on those lazy days when you can’t will yourself to get up and lift. There’s nothing wrong with that. Not everybody can be gung ho 100% of the time. There will definitely be days when you just wanna slouch on the couch and watch Ricky Lake on TV.

I’ve been there done that.

The trick is to not let those lazy days keep you down. Find whatever inspiration you can from where ever you can and use it to your advantage. Stick to your training schedule and before you know it, little by little, you will achieve your goals.

Whether that be 20 inch arms or the ability to bench press a small car. Sooner or later you’ll get there.


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