Shoulder training 101

Take it from a hard headed bastard with bad shoulders, you don’t wanna take chances and risk injuring them. If you do manage to tear something in there, it affects every other part of your workout from chest and arms to back and legs.  You mess up your shoulders and you’re in a world of hurt.

I stole the last part of that line from the movie Predator. Great movie.

The problem a lot of new bodybuilders make when it comes to working out the shoulders is that they often use the wrong shoulder training techniques or they try to lift way too much way too soon.

Shoulder Muscles Are Small

The thing about the shoulders that makes them so prone to injury is that muscles in your shoulders are small compared to other muscle groups. They aren’t meant to lift as much as say your arms or back. When you first start off doing any kind of shoulder training you want to start slow and use light weights.

Shoulder muscles are small compared to other muscle groups, treat them kindly.

If you can’t lift 8 reps in your first set, drop the weight. You should at least be able to hit 8 reps when you’re first starting out. By the 8th rep you should be feeling a slight burn in your shoulders. Like I said if you can hit 8 comfortably then drop the weight.

Proper Technique

Proper technique is very important when it comes to training the shoulders. Don’t swing the weights up. Use a slow steady motion whenever you’re doing any kind of shoulder training. Well that actually goes for any exercise you do but it’s especially true for the shoulders.

Use a slow steady motion throughout the entire exercise both up and down. Never drop the weight down. Lower it slowly to the starting position keeping the weight under control. This increases the burn in your muscle, tearing more fibers. The good kind of tear not the bad kind.

That’s called negative reps and those are good for maximizing your workouts. I know that sounds generic as hell but it is true. When you raise and lower the weights slowly under control you are using tearing more muscle fibers making your workout a lot more efficient and in the long run you will gain more muscle which is what we all want.

Keep those basic principles in mind whenever you are doing any type of shoulder training and hopefully you will have a long shoulder injury free bodybuilding career.



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