Getting started in bodybuilding? Where do you begin?

So you wanna be a bodybuilder, huh? Well good luck. You’ve chosen a sport like no other. You’re about to participate in something that requires intense dedication, mental stamina, a craving for physical punishment and above all, the ability to be reduced to tears and fear no shame.

Still interested?

Well fear not my friends. It’s not all that bad. The rewards if you’re successful are more than worth all the pain and suffering you’re going to endure. Think of the women for one. Imagine all the attention you’ll get from the ladies once you’ve achieved those 20 inch arms. Women love muscles. Imagine strolling into the bar with a massive pair of guns. The girls will be drooling at your feet.

Still interested? Damn right you are. So how do you make these fantasies a reality? Where do you begin?

Go Get Checked Out

You begin with making sure you’re healthy enough to get into this sport. The first thing you need to do is go see a doctor and get checked out. Why is this number one on your list? Here’s why.

Whether you’re 18 or 45, the problem a lot of us guys make when we start any sport is that we tend to jump right into things full speed ahead without any regard for our physical well being. Now if we were all flying around in a big red cape with an S on our chests then this would be no problem, but since most of us are mere mortal men, it might be wise to take things just a bit more slowly. You see when it comes to bodybuilding, this kind of thinking can be dangerous and lead to an injury setting you back months if not years and all that recovery period does no one any good.

Whether it be bodybuilding or any physical activity, before you start any new sport it’s always wise to visit the doc and get a checked out just to make sure all your junk is working the way it should be working.

So go get checked and make sure you’re good to go.

Once you’ve got the OK then it’s time to jump right in and lift some serious weights. Right? Not so fast Mr Kent. Before you jump into anything, it’s best to learn a few things to prevent hurting yourself or others, like dropping a weight on your dogs tail, which in my past experiences is not that out of the ordinary.

Quality Over Quantity

The first thing to remember is the age old saying, quality over quantity. What does this mean? It means that it doesn’t matter how many bench presses or how much weight you carry. If you are doing an exercise wrong, you are wasting time and inviting injury.

You absolutely have to know the proper technique for each and ever exercise. You have to know the proper form for how to them them correctly. I recommend getting a good weightlifting book.

My personal favorite, “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bodybuilders Bible”, written by the expert himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is filled with tons of knowledge from the guy that popularized the sport like no other. He gives you tips on everything from how to eat, how to workout, dealing with injuries, to how to train for bodybuilding competitions. If you’re serious about this sport, you should at least give this book a look.

There are also tons of free online tutorials on bodybuilding. Go to your favorite video site and search weightlifting techniques or whatever. One guy in particular that I think offers what I think is far and away the best bodybuilding advice that I’ve seen anywhere is Scooby1961 over on YouTube. He shows you exactly how to do the exercises the right way. Check him out.

If you’ve got some money to burn you can also join the gym and hire a personal trainer to teach you the basics of weightlifting. Keep in mind this can get expensive but if you learn best by having someone physically there with you then this might be the way to go.

One other option is to take a weightlifting class at your local community college. This option is less expensive then hiring a personal trainer but gives you similar results

Whatever method you choose to learn proper technique isn’t important as long as you learn how to lift the right way.

No swinging of the weights. You lift always keeping the weight under control. You want to feel every inch in the exercise. Slow up, slow down keeping the weight under full control. No swinging the weights, no using the weights momentum to lift the weight. If you can’t control the weight, it’s too heavy. Lower the weight.

I see way too many people using incorrect form both at the gym and in online tutorials. Don’t do it.You’ll save yourself the agony of blowing out your shoulder or tearing a ligament.

Remember, slow and steady finishes the race. Whenever you do any exercise, form is always the first priority. Go slow and steady. Make the muscle feel every inch of the exercise. Never swing a weight up or drop it down. You want to lift the weight up slowly and then slowly ease it back down. That’s how you build muscle. Swinging weights is how you tear ligaments.

Excuse my redundancy but this is important.

Unless you want shrunken testicles, crazy back acne and an enlarged cranium, steroids are NOT the answer.

Want A Big Head And Shrunken Testicles?

And before you start thinking about whether or not to take steroids, you might wanna stop and think for a moment. Ask yourself how many ex-wrestlers who have taken steroids in the past have you seen in the news recently who have died at relatively young ages?

Steroids are not the answer unless of course you wanna suffer premature joint damage, grotesquely enlarged heads (just like Barry Bonds humongous melon) shrunken testicles (not cool) and the highly possible chance of dying before 50.

You wanna get big? Do it the old fashioned way. Hard work, proper eating and plenty of rest. You do that and you’re well on your way to getting those massive muscles that we all want and strive to achieve every day.

So To Recap

Wanna get started in bodybuilding? Start here;

  1. Get checked out by a doctor.
  2. Learn proper weightlifting form and techniques.
  3. Don’t do steroids.

Now that you know where to start, it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of bodybuilding. Are you ready?


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